How can I find Paypal Old Version - How can I find Paypal Old Version ?

Today I try to make a withdraw but everytime i try to request withdraw money , the result is

Sorry, but we need more information. Please withdraw funds on our old account view instead.

Then you try to search youtube , visit forum paypal then you cannot find any answer

So with this posting I will tell you where to find Paypal old version or something like people say about Paypal classic button

See this below picture when you try to make a withdraw request. You can see "link word with blue colour" click at there then you will be redirect to paypal old version classic template

Then you think you can request money already ??

You can click this link too after you login your paypal account to access paypal old version or paypal classic template

I'm sorry.. the case is not about paypal old version issued but this is about security reason. You must wait at least…
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